Some British Vocab

My friend Rachel started this list when we first got to London. Here are some of our favorites:

Bits and bobs – this and that

Queue – the line, such as a checkout line in the grocery store. It took my a tad longer than I wish to admit to figure out what this word meant.

Pinch – to steal. “The lousy tea leaf pinched my wallet!” There’s a little rhyming cockney for you. Tea leaf – thief.

Rubbish – trash

Crisps – chips

Chips – french fries, but sometimes I do see french fries called french fries instead of chips

Biscuits – cookies

Diary – planner

Hob – stove top

Sweets or Sweeties – candy

Car park – parking lot

Pavement – sidewalk

Cash machine – ATM

Plasters – bandaids

Uni – university

And yes they really do say cheers, bloke, mate, dodgy, and mum.