A Tale of Many Cities (Barrios de Granada)

Soledad Tejada
May 29, 2019

Granada is full of vibrant neighborhoods, each one with its own distinctive feel. The diversity of the city shines through the closeness of these different worlds. This video aims to showcase only a couple of views into the various neighborhoods of Granada: Sacromonte (known for its flamenco and white caves, full of cacti and home to the famous Mirador de San Miguel Alto), the Albayzín (the historic medina of Granada now transformed into a trendy artistic hub, the perfect place to wander), El Realejo (the traditionally Jewish neighborhood almost completely rebuilt after the Catholic conquest of Granada in 1492, home to stunning street art on almost every corner), Centro (the heart of the city, full of small plazas, cafes, and always buzzing with activity), Genil (the more residential zone next to one of Granada’s two rivers, perfect for a solo walk), and the area of Chana (more removed from the heart of the city with stunning views of the Sierra Nevada, nice when one wants to take a breath). All these pieces fit together to form the mixed patchwork city que llamamos Granada.

Music: “Domestic Bliss” - Sargasso (https://sargasso.bandcamp.com/)

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