Shanghai International Lantern Festival

For Chinese class we had a field trip to the Shanghai International Lantern Festival at Fuxing park. The festival is held every year and this year for 40 days. This year it was held from September 5th to October 14th. The park was covered in lanterns of all shapes and sizes. The park had a lot of themed lantern “pavilions” featuring animals, gods, people, iconic buildings etc all lit by leds. There were a ton of people at the park and some lantern pavilions were so crowded you could barely walk through, let alone get a picture in front of it without a few extra people in the frame. Thankfully the park was huge and had many displays so one could get a few photos in and relax a little. The highlight of the park was a giant dragon made of ceramic bowls, plates, and teacups. The dragon’s head was at the entrance and blew smoke and the tail went through almost the entire length of the park. My favorite part was the food section (which you could smell a mile away courtesy of the stinky tofu). Instead of boring you with the names of the snacks, I’ll just post pictures here of the food and other cool stuff at the park to let your eyes do the talking. Enjoy!

EDIT: Due to technical difficulties I’ll put all the photos in the following post