Barcelona's Top Sunset Locations

Shane Young
March 27, 2020

1) Bunkers del Carmel

Last but certainly not least, the Bunkers del Carmel was my favorite to hike up to with friends to enjoy the sunset. Perched up on a hill, the ruins left from the Spanish Civil War offer breathtaking panoramic views of the entire city of Barcelona. The 360-degree undisturbed views allow for people to see the sun as it dips below the mountains, as well as the aesthetic streaks of color that are a byproduct of the sun. Despite the exhausting hike to reach the top, the Bunkers offer both residents and tourists a place to sit, relax, bring snacks and watch the sun go down.

2) Montjuic

Surrounding the Castle of Montjuic offers a beautiful view of the sun setting into the ocean. The cliff elevated directly over the water allows spectators to see the sky transforming into a burst of colors, preparing for the night sky. The most magnificent view of the sunset in Montjuic can be seen from the high line cars that go from the mountain and take you up to the Castle. From these cars, you are able to see the sun turn the city of Barcelona golden, right as it begins setting into the night. You also have access to an aerial view of the entire city including the Bunkers del Carmel, Mount Tibidabo and the beaches of Barcelona all from the cars depending on which direction you are looking in. Once you reach the Castle on the top of Montjuic, along the long dirt paths that stretch along the length and width of the castle once used to imprison, torture, and execute Franco's forces opponents during the Spanish Civil War, residents can enjoy a peaceful walk during or after the sunsets.

3) Mood Rooftop Bar

This upscale bar gives its customers a delightful view of the sunset no matter which direction the sun is setting in. The bar is located on the roof of Hotel The One, a 5-star hotel in barrio Eixample. From the rooftop bar, the outstanding views showing the amazing beauty of Barcelona's mind-blowing architecture keep both locals and tourists coming back to Mood. My favorite part of the bar was the elevated pool with chairs outlining it, providing an undisturbed view of the sunset as it dips the beautiful surrounding architecture. Once sunset concludes, customers can stay to enjoy another drink while being warmed by their complimentary blankets.

4) Park Guell

Park Guell, located next to the Bunkers del Carmel offers a similar, but unique view of the sunset in Barcelona. Park Guell's greenery and palm trees make the park a much different view than the Bunkers. The vibrant patterns lying in the tiles of the curving walls, the historic fountains, and the mosaic-covered creatures all come together as people can watch the sun adjust the lighting on the different aspects of the famous park. Although it may not provide the same 360-degree that the Bunkers del Carmel do, its elevated nature allows you to see the majority of the city transform with the onsite of the night sky.

Shane Young

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