Spring Break Part 1 - Prague, Czech Republic

Selina Donahue
March 30, 2016

My Spring Break adventure starts in Prague, or Praha. My friend Emily and I take a four hour train; a non-stressful form of transportation I highly recommend. We take a brisk walk to Ahoy! Hostel which from the outside looks a little rundown. We enter through the door and see construction everywhere, but we are not deterred. Walking up two flights of stairs we get to reception, get taken to our lovely twin room, and settle down.

That night we head out in search of dinner. Word of the wise, do not go into the restaurants that send their workers to lure you in. They are overpriced and eager to hook innocent tourists.

The next day we decide to take a free three hour walking tour that our Hostel suggested. Our tour leader, Nicolás, is very friendly is clearly passionate about what he’s talking about. We hit a lot of places, many of which I didn’t get pictures of as we were moving quick. I am glad I went on the tour, as I learned a lot more than I would have on my own.

After the tour, we decide to sign up for yet another tour, this time to the Castle and Basilica. I would definitely recommend this, because although you need to pay a little, you get driven up to the castle via a bus which can save you a lot of time and energy walking. 

Prague, the City of 100 Spires. 

The Astronomical Clock. We watched it put on it's show at night, where the four figures by the clock became animated and made noise. These figures represented Vanity, Greed, Death, and Lust. While my tour guide felt that it definitely was too hyped up, and as a result, is often dissapointing to people, I personally liked it. It definitely is impressive that this kind of technology, which was made in 1410.

And at night.

Just outside the Old Town Square.

While we were there, the Old Town Sqaure had an Easter Market in full swing. Lots of food, cheap souvenirs, and musical concerts were being held there. There was even a Petting Zoo with adorable animals. 


A potato spiral

The famous trdelník

The following pictures were taken during the second tour. Below is the Prague Castle Gate. In front of it was a man who had been protesting for seven years. I can't remember the specific details, but I know it was over his poor living situation.

St. Vitus Cathedral

The interior

We saw the John Lennon wall, which was a total colorful mess. Messages of positivity were plastered all over.  

A view out over Prague.

St. Charles Bridge. 

Overall I really enjoyed Prague and would certaintly recommend it, perhaps to visit just for a day. A lot of the people from the Vienna program typically spend a little time in Prague, as it is so close and easily accessible. If you ever go, be sure to try the trdelník (made even better with Nutella).

Now, onto Venice, Italy!

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