Sarah McHugh – Final Thoughts

Studying abroad in a foreign country is an amazing enough experience on its own. I truly believe, however, that I had managed to create my own unique experience based on the type of internship I had the opportunity to have. Working at Galleria Emmeotto taught me an incredible amount about the Italian workplace, contemporary art galleries, and personal relationships in general. I would not change one aspect of my internship, even some of the negative aspects that I had to overcome over the course of the semester. When I think about one of the first journal entries I wrote about being frustrated at my first exhibition opening at the gallery, I smile at how far I have come since then. Since then I have attended several other openings, both at Galleria Emmeotto and other contemporary spaces, and have had an amazing time. With the improvement of my Italian speaking abilities and my confidence with the language, I was able to have several conversations at these openings and interact with art enthusiasts, other artists, and other gallery owners. These are the types of experiences that I will remember the most upon my return home. One of the best friendships I made during my semester abroad was with my supervisor and I hope more than anything we stay in contact even as I return to my home in the United States. I would recommend to anyone thinking of pursuing an internship to do so. Working with Galleria Emmeotto through this internship has helped me learn so much more about myself than I would have had I not had the internship. While there were times I wish I had more freedom like my fellow classmates, at the end of the day I am so glad that I decided to pursue an internship during my time in Rome. I cannot wait to go back home to the United States and share my experiences with other professors and classmates of mine. I also am excited to further pursue this type of career and see where my passions take me. I look forward to being able to apply all that I have learned here.