Packing for Cape Town

Sarah Campbell
July 22, 2019

Here is everything that I knew about South Africa before I left: It was super far away, there were a few YouTubers that I knew were from there, South African accents sounded like a mix of British and Australian accents and it’s warmer than Michigan. I think that not knowing anything might be better than knowing a ton about South Africa, more specifically Cape Town. Everyone I told about this trip had pretty much the exact same reaction. "Wow. That’s far." I never really considered the distance because I don't ever get homesick, so those comments went right past me. What actually freaked me out were the countless stories I heard of people getting sick and having these near-death experiences. For some reason, these loose story heard from a "friend of a friend" caused me the most stress and worry when getting ready. In reality, getting sick should (hopefully) be the least of my worries and making sure that I bring enough socks for eight weeks should take a priority. Making a video about packing helped me figure out what I really would need and what I could leave behind, despite the fact that my first instinct was to bring way too many pairs of socks. 

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Sarah Campbell

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