Husker Basketball

Ruzbeh Ghaffar
January 5, 2020

Just eight more days before I head off for Vienna. I got to watch some Husker basketball before I head off. It was a great game, even though we lost. For those of you who aren't familiar with Nebraska, we're proud of our teams, even when we lose. Nebraska isn't known for much. However, one of the things that we're most well known for is our pride for our state, especially when it comes to sports.

Since there isn't a lot we have to offer when it comes to entertainment, we're proud of what we have. It's always fun to have people from outside of the state come to Lincoln. When I show outsiders what we do for fun, or what life is like here, they always have a look of disappointment. There's a joke that Nebraskans ride cows to school. I think more Nebraskans joke about this than people outside the state. However, I have talked to some friends that have moved to different states, mostly bigger ones. They believe that we're all farmers and ride cows. I can't say I've ever seen anybody ride a cow out here. And although we're not a big state, that doesn't mean we're completely rural. Lincoln has almost 300,000 people, and Omaha has around 700,000 people in its metro.

When I went to get my visa, I stayed with some family friends that are originally from Lincoln, but now live in Orange County. We ended up having a conversation about Nebraska, and they began to say we live like villagers with little to no modern technology. I find it funny that some people think we live like that.

Like I said before, Nebraska doesn't have a lot to offer, specifically when it comes to entertainment. That's why we cherish the things we have, like our college sports. Besides sports, we do have a growing art scene. All across Lincoln, you can find random pieces of artwork. Downtown almost feels like one giant art show. And one thing that I love showing people from outside of the state is our large quantity of coffee shops. I'm sure that our coffee shops are nothing compared to the Viennese ones, but for anyone passing through Nebraska, I would highly recommend you check them out.

I think it's kinda funny that I started this blog by talking about Husker basketball, and then I ended up talking about Nebraskan stereotypes. I'm curious to hear what stereotypes people from other states have. I'd also like to hear what they think of Nebraska. Since not many foreigners are familiar with the non-large states, I want to see if I can find someone who has heard of Nebraska. I remember when I was in London, I went into some large clothing store, and I found a couple of Husker sweatshirts. And when I was in Edinburgh, I saw a Nebraska postcard in a restaurant.

Ruzbeh Ghaffar

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