Barcelona Awaits

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Raisa Haque
August 31, 2018

Hello all! It’s the final countdown to Barcelona of t-3 days!!  I am more nervous than ever and sweating profusely as the day gets closer and closer. Nothing is packed yet, and I’m sitting here reflecting on this exhausting summer of just hustle and grind. I worked three jobs to make this trip happen, and I intend to live this semester to the fullest. However, this is the first time I’m traveling alone without my family or friends and I am incredibly scared and excited to embark upon this journey to Europe for the next four months of my life.

My parent’s reaction to me studying abroad was not good, of course.

My mom was scared and my dad made me feel guilty for doing something so “out of line” because my skin is brown and I am a Muslim woman traveling to all these places while they are not. But I had to do this for me. I had to. Around this time last year, I was just going to class and coming home and I thought this really can’t be my college experience. There has to be more. There just has to. That is when I made the decision to study abroad, travel, and have new experiences.

I am incredibly blessed to even have this opportunity as a first-generation college student. I definitely recognize my blessings, and all I feel is love and support from my friends and family now. I do give myself credit for putting in the work to make this happen for sure, but now that it’s actually happening, I’m freaking out a bit! I just have to remember why I’m doing this, who I’m doing this for, and to not worry about the little things. I have to keep the bigger vision in mind that this trip truly will be life-changing and everything is about to change so soon. I’m grateful to be rooming with my friend from college, so I’m glad I’ll know someone from back home here and we can experience this journey together.

Of course, as worried and nervous as I am, I am also really at peace that this is happening. Going overseas is something I didn’t know I needed. I always knew traveling was in my future, but particularly this moment in my life, I feel that my horizons need to be expanded. Learning a different language, trying new foods, and making new friends abroad is something I am soooo looking forward to! I can’t wait to bring all that back home and be elevated and heightened in my perspectives. Even though I tried to spend a lot of time on the Duolingo app, I am not fully confident in my Spanish at the moment. I’m hoping that changes soon and that my homestay family is cool!! Can’t wait to start classes, my internship, and fully immerse myself in Spain. More to come soon <3



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Headshot of Raisa Haque.

Raisa Haque

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