Adventure time in Barcelona

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Raisa Haque
October 28, 2018

These photos a short summary so far here in Barcelona. I started off my first week with a trip to Tarragona with the IES Abroad class, and we learned a lot about the history of Spain and the Catalan culture. I also have a picture of me at work because a lot of my time is spent there as well. I work twice a week for about eight hours. I'm really glad I have that job at Talent Garden because not only does it keep me busy, but I’m learning so much Spanish and Italian given the people I work with. I also tried delicious paella that was vegetarian and seafood and smoothies from Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is where I walk by every day to class, and there’s a farmers market down the path that has absolutely anything you would want in terms of meat, vegetables, fruits, and of course dessert! There are some other photos are edited from the VSCO app because that app does wonders and really highlights and depicts the story behind the photo with great lighting and tone texture. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go into the National Museum of Catalunya but I have definitely had plans to back there before I leave and check it out. One of my favorite highlights was the hike to Montjuic Castle because there was this tram that you can take there but I ended up hiking there as a DiscoverIES group event. Even so, it was a beautiful castle and had such a great view from the top! Looking forward to more adventures in Barcelona!

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Headshot of Raisa Haque.

Raisa Haque

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