Saturdays Are Feira Days

Ramelcy Uribe
May 2, 2015

Something that is really awesome and unique about Rio is how every Saturday (pretty much without a fail) there are street markets all over the city. They vary in size and goods sold, but I’m pretty sure it is almost impossible to go to the market without wanting to buy at least ONE thing. From handmade jewelry, gourmet ceviche, funky clothes, thrift-store-esque goods, headwraps, household decorations, paintings, incense, hand-made nightlights, to anything you can think of, these Feiras are one the of best ways to spend your Saturday mornings and afternoons.

But of course, we can’t skip over the awesome food options. If it was up to me, all food would be fried (and I am SO serious!) But if you do enjoy your fair share of fried food, Feiras offer pastel/pasteis, which are fried “dough” filled with cheese, ground beef, dried meat, and the options can get even fancier depending where you go. If you’re familiar with Dominican pastelitos or empanadas, you’ll love their Brazilian cousin for sure. They also sell “Caldo de Cana,” which is juice made from fresh sugar cane. You can also find amazing tasting Tampioca, churros, and popcorn. This is really what we call an edible LITUATION.

But really these Feiras are filled with good vibes, creativity, and a smooth route to buy cool things and meet cool people. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of my experience.

Ramelcy Uribe

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