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The Studying in Studying Abroad

December 4, 2018

Ah yes here comes the fun part. The studying in studying abroad of course. I personally don’t feel affected heavily or drowning in papers and stress. I made sure to take my art and English minor classes here. As a senior, there are not too many main core classes that I need here.

I’m currently taking Photojournalism, Storytelling, an Internship Seminar, International Marketing, and Spanish. Even though I didn’t know I was going to study abroad until the year before, I still took steps to make sure my senior year is easy. No matter what time you study abroad, sophomore, junior, senior, or even freshman year, there are steps you can take to make sure you can have an easy load when you want. I wanted to have an easy load my senior year so I took community college courses my freshman year summer. Dedicating a summer to get a few courses in can really be helpful.

I would say taking an art or history class when studying abroad is really insightful to the area and city you are living in. You take in and appreciate the culture and people way more. I know in my photojournalism class we combine photography with news, so I’ve had to photographs tourists and locals. I’ve learned editing skills and how to write like a journalist in that class.

I also think if you’re a business major and you can take international marketing or management abroad; it would truly give you a global perspective because now I’m more aware of U.S. brands marketing as well learning about how other countries expand their businesses.

Studying during study abroad is way more relaxed in my opinion. I think the program knows you may have different priorities but also keeps a good balance for those who need these credits and classes. Usually, if I go on a trip, I try to do all my work beforehand or at least half of what I need to do because I know I’ll be tired after all the traveling. Traveling can be very exhausting, so if you don’t keep up with your school work you will fall behind.

I will tell you though, it’s very doable! Since we only have class Monday-Thursday you have Thursday night to pack and do work and then Friday-Sunday you can travel. Or you can also travel Thursday-Saturday and come back Sunday to give yourself some time to do work, readjust, and relax. Thank goodness for the Fridays off! Study abroad really sets up you for freedom and independence.





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