My First Month in Spain...

Rahul Gupta
March 6, 2019

Castles, Mosques, Churches, Tapas, Mountains, Beaches, and Sunsets…

My first month in Spain was filled with meeting wonderful local people, traveling to historical cities, and connecting with a lifestyle that is so different from what I've experienced so far. As a South Asian student studying in the United States, I find the Spanish culture to be a beautiful mix of the Arabic, Asian, and American worlds. This video is about the travels that I've done so far in Spain as I aim to share a glimpse of what this country has in store for anyone who wishes to come here. Each part of Spain is unique, from the Islamic and Gothic architecture to the ever-changing weather, reflecting the genuine people and the breathtaking scenery in the country. The mixture of hot and cold weather in the Spanish landscape can take you from a mountain to a beach in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds).  

So far, I have traveled to smaller and more-preserved cities like Segovia, Granada, Cordoba, and Toledo. Going to these cities has helped shape a better understanding of what Spain was and what Spain is; these cities are a sophisticated amalgamation of modern and medieval times. I will be traveling more around Madrid and will soon be visiting bigger cities like Barcelona to get a better picture of what life is like in the two biggest cities in Spain. Hasta pronto!

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Rahul Gupta

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