Iguazu Adventure!

Rachel Zalkind
August 29, 2014

Here’s the rundown: No classes on Fridays + National Holiday on Monday (August 18) = a long weekend adventure to Puerto Iguazú and Iguazú falls in Northern Argentina.

It was surprisingly easy to plan this escape to the jungle. Even as a procrastinator, I was able to buy my bus tickets the day before and it all worked out. But don’t worry, I was also the responsible one who booked the hostel (about a week before) for our crew. I traveled with four other IES Abroad friends who don’t have classes Friday. We left Buenos Aires Thursday night and returned Monday afternoon. The overnight bus ride was seventeen hours each way, but it actually wasn’t too bad at all. Especially on the way there, since we had cama suite seats (similar to first class on an airplane). Puerto Iguazu was a charming town, thriving because of tourists. We eventually met up with seven other IES friends since we all stayed at the same hostel. Our hostel, Mango Chill, was welcoming and extremely helpful in planning our trip to the Iguazu falls park. Most importantly, the waterfalls were fantastic! We made a full day out of the park: We walked the upper & lower circuits, ate sandwiches we brought in (to save money), hiked to another small waterfall, and took a floating raft trip down the river. And on Sunday, we managed to fit in a visit to an animal sanctuary/park before we took our bus back in the evening. It was a successful weekend with pictures to prove how much fun we had! 


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Rachel Zalkind

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