Exploring the Neighborhood!

Rachel Zalkind
September 30, 2014

Time here is precious! Even though I’ve already taken in so much, Buenos Aires has so much to explore. With my busy class schedule and internship on Tuesdays , my “free time” to explore is Thursday afternoon through Sunday evenings! I try to put this time to good use. Early on, IES Abroad organized a walking tour of Recoleta that helped us see some of the most exquisite European buildings as well as the amazing cemetery. That was a bit of an intro to what my neighborhood (Recoleta) offered. In my Modern Argentine History class, we took a spontaneous field trip to Museo de Bellas Artes, and since then I’ve visited even more of Buenos Aires! A few weeks ago, there was a city-wide workers’ strike that prevented my Spanish professor from getting to the city for class (she lives in Tigre). Thankfully, that meant after 11 am I had time to explore my neighborhood beyond where I walk everyday. After my morning class, I grabbed a friend, hopped on a collectivo (bus) from school, then walk all around Palermo and Recoleta. I was amazed to find out UBA, all of Palermo’s parks, countries’ embassies, Recoleta’s metal flower, the national library, and other museums are all close by!  That afternoon, we went to MALBA and kept exploring on foot after. Whether all of this sounds adventurous or call it touristy, I don’t really care. Exploring helps me feel more intrigued and excited to be here. I’m more than happy whenever I get to see “new” parts of the city.

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Rachel Zalkind

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