My Weekend Trip Through a Storybook

Rachel Marini
January 26, 2016
Prague- Old Town

Just when I was getting more comfortable with my new life in Ireland I shook it all up by traveling to another country for the weekend. The minute we landed in Prague I realized just how different each place in Europe could be from one another. The signs were written in a language I didn’t recognize in the slightest and the architecture was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The best way I can describe Prague is to say that it is almost like a fairy tale. The Castle, various chapels, towers, and everyday homes look like they popped right out of a storybook. We spent the first day walking around Old Town, checking out the restaurants, astronomical clock tower, statues, and interesting street performers. The pictures I included could never do it justice, but the snow falling all throughout the first day made Prague feel pretty magical.

The next day was slightly warmer, so we spent almost all of it outside. The metro quickly took us to Prague Castle, which consists of the Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, and various other historically significant buildings that cover 18 acres of land. After this, we walked a few more blocks to see the Lennon Wall. Seeing this amazing piece of art in person, with live music being played in the background, made for a truly unique experience. Charles Bridge was nearby, and we were able to see some amazing views of the city while walking over into Old Town. We ended our last day in Prague by getting some dumplings and schnitzel at a local restaurant, then trying some of the Czech Republic’s famous beers at a beer garden. Before going to catch our flight the next day, we were able to squeeze in a trip to an ice rink and have a last taste of hot wine. To sum it all up, here are a few things to do if you ever go to Prague- drink hot wine (just what you need after a cold day of walking around), see the view from the top of the Prague Astronomical Clock, try schnitzel, spend an afternoon at Prague Castle, and definitely get some Czech chocolate.

My first trip outside of Ireland was a little scary, but being with a big group of great friends made it a trip I will definitely remember. Prague is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and I am so excited to experience more of these amazingly unique European countries. Although I thought Prague was amazing, it made me appreciate my home in Dublin much more. There is so much about Dublin that makes me feel comfortable and welcome. The people in Ireland are so approachable and helpful, the nightlife offers anything- from casual pubs to fun clubs for dancing, and there never seems to be an end to the things I can do here. I can go on and on about what I love most about Dublin, but the point is that I am perfectly happy with the place I chose to spend my semester.

I can’t believe that it’s already been nearly three weeks in Dublin. Time is flying, and I now see how quickly it will pass by. After booking a few more weekends away in other countries, I’m starting to realize how important it is to take advantage of the time I do have in Ireland. My friends and I are already planning a bunch of fun things we want to do this week and next, so I hope to update you with more experiences I’ll have in Dublin! 

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