Amazing Food in Barcelona

Rachael Stanek
June 26, 2019

Through the DiscoverIES I had the opportunity to take a cooking class! This was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had. We got to make some amazing food and had an awesome time doing it. Anyone who is considering taking a cooking class in another country I would recommend it one hundred percent. This DiscoverIES all started when our cooking instructor Yves picked us up from the metro stop. He then drove us to his beautiful home, where the cooking class would take place. Yves had visited the local markets earlier in the day and had picked out the menu that we would be cooking that evening. For a starter we made bread smeared with tomatoes, then for our main plate we made a garlic sausage dish, and to finish it all off we made chocolate-covered strawberries that were also covered with corn flakes. After all of our effort, we all sat down together to enjoy the amazing meal. I will always remember this night as one of the best nights of my study abroad.

Also, another oproutinty I had through the DiscoverIES was to tour the boqueria during the first week of class. This was a very cool experience because I had never before been to an open air market. There were so many differeent vendors with food that all looked absolutely amazing. 

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Rachael Stanek

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