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Onyekachi Nwabueze
October 25, 2015
25 October 2015
When living in Tokyo, one cannot simply just put on clothes for the day. In fact, one of the first things you notice while walking down the street or going literally anywhere, is just how stylish and fashionably inclined people are. In the States, everyone basically wears the same “level” of clothing fit for the occasion and when someone else is dressed “above” such a level, it seems as if they are overdressing or is overdressed. In my opinion, compared to the States, those in the greater Tokyo area dress “to the 9s” all day and all the time. As a person deeply interested in fashion, it is really inspiring to see so many well-dressed people of all ages, everywhere I go. One day, I went shopping in Harajuku and met a retail sales worker from South Korea at one of my favorite shops. The salesman was studying in Japan in order to gain a stronger sense of fashion and to be inspired by what he sees daily (especially in Tokyo’s biggest fashion district). He plans on going to fashion school as his next step in life. A lot of people I have met come to Japan for fashion inspiration and ideas. It absolutely makes my day when I see entire families, including the small children, dressed so nicely and stylishly from head-to-toe. It is almost as if from a very young age (even from birth) your fashion sense is a type of priority. Shopping in Tokyo has definitely been a highlight of my voyage thus far.
Must-Knows to Tokyo Fashion:
  1. It is not uncommon to see people wearing the same thing.
Whatever is in style, IS in style. At this time in the Tokyo fashion industry, thick beanie hats are very much in style; especially the burgundy colored ones. Many people wear this particular hat on any occasion (it does not have to be cold to wear this beanie) and even in the same way (with the top part sticking up and out).
  1. It is not uncommon to see people wearing the same thing (literally).
Twinning is not only a sensation – it is a way of life. A lot of young couples wear the same outfit when they go out together. Especially at theme parks and at other events, pairs or groups of friends will wear the same thing or same articles of clothing here and there.
  1. Do not be afraid to wear your heels on a hike.
Although women usually wear low heels, heels of all types are worn on any occasion. It is definitely an essential thing to have as a woman in Japan. There has not been one place where I have been (temples, shrines, and hikes included) where I have not seen a woman wearing heels.
  1. Athletic clothes are not to be worn in public.
As an athlete, it is very normal for me to wear athletic clothing outside even when I am not working out. As a person living in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, I see others wearing athletic clothing all the time and no one really thinks twice about it. However, here, the obsession with being fit and athletic is not really a thing, so the clothing associated with working out is really just worn while working out.

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