One Last Trip: Barcelona

The Dragon of Parc Guell Guell I'll Be Gaudi's Candy Castles Spots of Color Me on Mount Guell The View from Parc Guell What is this?! Las Ramblas en La Noche Chocolate! Fruit! Behold - La Sagrada Familia! Under Construction...Since 1901! The Navity Entrance La Sagrada Familia Que es la Veritat? O.O All The Colors Holy Forest Front and Center The Altar Rainbow Surround Dove's View of Barcelona Palominos Pinnacles of Twix Cereal? Caracol Flood of Color and Light In the Light of Heaven Soulful Colors Gaudi's Gargoyles

So as my semester in Spain finally comes to a close, I found the time for one last little trip to Barcelona.  I was only there about one day in total (Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning), but I’ll tell you what, it was totally worth it just because of one thing – La Sagrada Familia.  This cathedral is by far my favorite, out of all the ones I’ve seen this semester, and considering that I’ve seen two of the biggest in the world (St. Paul’s of London and the Cathedral of Sevilla), that’s saying something about how spectacularly awesome and beautiful it was.  La Sagrada Familia was designed by Gaudi, whom I now like to think of as the Candyland architect, because his buildings are so funky and colorful, and it’s been under construction since 1901 (and they don’t expect to be finished for at least 20 years yet!)  Well, it might not be complete, but I don’t think my time in Spain (in Europe!) would’ve been complete without seeing it.  From the Nativity Entrance to the stained glass windows, the whole thing is just a treasure!  Ah, I could go on all day, but besides La Sagrada Familia, I also visited Parc Guell, a nature park featuring more Gaudi structures, and strolled down Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s main shopping street.  It was a fantastic little excursion, the perfect way to end my adventures in Spain!