My Newfound Love of Tapas 

Noa Solomon
January 26, 2022

Upon my arrival to Spain I was very eager to immerse myself in all things Spanish cuisine. I would consider myself a food connoisseur. I love everything food, whether it be a quick bite at the deli underneath my apartment for cheap, or grand dinners that I spend my entire savings on; I love it all. 

Something that comes with my love of food is a particular way of eating it. Many of my friends dread going out to eat with me because they know what it entails. Me wanting to try about a hundred things on the menu and forcing them into splitting dishes with me that they never even intended on having. It’s an art form to say the least. I even get foodxiety (food anxiety) that I will miss a favorite on the menu and learn about it after I have finished dining—I know, pretty ridiculous. 

Spain has opened a new door to my specificities in eating food. My undying need to try everything on the menu can finally be fulfilled at a reasonable cost! Tapas is by far a life altering concept that has been introduced to my life and now im stuck contemplating how I could ever go back. 

Tapas is a style of dish that was originated in Spain around the 13th century. Many credit the creation of tapas to King Alfonso X of Castile. The king fell ill and because of this had lost his appetite. In order to regain his strength he knew he must replenish his body so he would eat and drink in small amounts. When he finally returned to full health he decided to make a decree that all drinks should be served with something small to eat.

Although some consider tapas as an appetizer, many believe it to be the entire meal. Ordering around 4-5 tapas dishes to share can easily fill up you and your party that you are dining with. 

Knowing my love for trying everything on a menu, you can assume that I’ve fallen in love with tapas. I have decided to go on a tapas tour in Barcelona during my stay to see what place has my favorites. 

Some of my favorites that I have had thus far are; truffle sautéed mushrooms, crispy chicken strips, fried artichoke wedges, fried brie, pan con tomato (bread and tomato spread—a Catalonian classic) and of course papas fritas (french fries with a delicious spicy tomato sauce.) All pictured above.

Stay tuned for my endeavor of Barcelonas greatest Tapas!

Noa Solomon

<p>Noa Solomon is an avid sports enthusiast, foodie and animal lover. She studies at the University of Wisconsin as a Journalism major where she excersises her passion for writing, as well as double minoring in sports communication and special education. She was born and raised a city girl, coming from the big apple itself, Manhattan, New York. She studied at the Professional Performing Arts School in Times Square as a drama major for 7 years and continues to participate in acting as much as she can. She was just featured in the 90s teen comedy film Generation Wrecks as Brittney Pratt this past September.</p>

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