BBQ Sunday!

Natalie Lau
March 13, 2014

Here in Shanghai, we were assigned language partners to help us with anything we need – where to buy certain items, language help, etc. We’ve made pretty great friends with a bunch of our language partners’ friends and were invited to a bbq! Now, BBQs are very different in China. First, you have to pay an admission fee to get into the park itself, where there are plenty of other activities inside (like boating, rides, horse riding, so on and so forth). When we arrived at the BBQ area, everyone has their own little BBQ pod that looks like this:

On the rare occasion of blue sunny skies, everyone heads to the park! There were plenty of friend groups and families all enjoying the warm weather and food. Remember when I said that there were other activities to do, well, here's one of them! There's Taylor, Bruce, and Taylor's language partner! While there is a fee for each activity, it's relatively small compared to what you'd pay in a more tourist-y area. Everyone enjoyed their time catching up on the weekend and eating good food. With the exception of the grill, you have to bring everything else with you. Here's our group of friends in front of our tiny grill. Yes, they're all this small, but it was definitely worth it to be around good company.

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Natalie Lau

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