Mozzi-Town: Visiting Vienna

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The weekend before finals was another long break, so I used it do put a long-time plan into action – it visit my friend Aaron in Vienna!  Aaron’s from Hope College too, and the only person I knew would be studying abroad too this fall, so I couldn’t let the semester pass without seeing him once.  I only had two days, but we had some fun, rambling around this beautiful city.  On my first day, I saw Stephansdom and did a little shopping at a Christmas market.  Aaron also invited me to see his classmates’ recital at the IES Vienna center – that was pretty cool, to see how other IES programs work (and they were all amazing musicians!).  Then, on my second day, I saw two palaces – Schoebrunn and Belvedere – the Naschmarkt, and Mozarthaus (the house Mozart lived in).  The only one I went inside (besides the Naschmarkt, which was a really cool open-air market), was Belvedere because it had this Gustav Klimt exhibit with the original The Kiss (such a moving painting, I love so much!).  And to finish off my day and my stay in Vienna, I went to a concert of the Vienna Royal Orchestra, which proved to be a marvelous little ensemble with just about everything – orchestra, opera singers, ballet dancers, and a singing cellist!  I wish I could’ve stayed longer; maybe next time I’ll go when it’s a bit warmer!