Rickety Amusement Parks and a Foreign Grocery Store

Molly Laubernds
November 5, 2014

Every Wednesday we are given a break from the insanity of learning 50+ new vocabulary words a day and are encouraged to go out and explore Beijing. This past Wednesday my friend Lila and I were on the hunt for a foreign market called Jenny Lou’s that is stocked with many Western food products. We both were on a mission to find Western ingredients so that we could make food for our Chinese roommates. As we were wandering through the city attempting to find this market we stumbled across this really interesting and semi-run down amusement park! We spent most of our day exploring the park, soaking in the nice weather, and eating! Once we finally made it to Jenny Lou’s I was able to get my Western food fix! I even found PEANUT BUTTER and some gluten free noodles! Talk about a great day! It’s hard to believe that I will be heading home in a little over a month. My time continues to fly by and I can’t believe how much I still have to see and do!
Thanks for reading,
-Molly Rose

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Molly Laubernds

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