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明海際発表会 Meikai Festival

Seeing as I celebrated Kanda’s yearly festival, I was super intent on skipping my own school’s. However, our senseis had a little something else in mind. So us Meikai IES students had the privilege of putting on a play for the campus. After throwing some ideas around about what play to do (I was gunning for Mulan) and some not so democratic cast decisions, the play was chosen and the cast picked. Contrary to how bad we thought we were, after a good week and a half of practice, we put on a pretty decent show and made a lot of kids happy. And let’s face it, it’s all about the kids anyway right? At the end, we got our 20 minutes of fame because all of the kids wanted to take pictures with us.  But yea, add that to the list of things you’d never think you would do abroad; a student production of Aladdin for a Japanese audience.


In order to put on such a high caliber performance, we spent weeks prepping for the real day.

The peak of my acting career.
Stealing the show, one do it yourself costume at a time.
All of us Meikai Kids who helped put on the show. Not that we ever really had a choice.