Mid-Semester Denial

With midterms just ending, I’m in a toss up between feeling relieved that exams are over and anxious that we only have a month and a week left. This past week has definitely been the most work I’ve done all semester – and I finally feel like I’m actually in school. Lessons here are set up differently than at home; we have very little outside work and our grades are mostly based off the midterm/final, so its up to everyone to study on their own time. For me that usually means cramming a few days before the exams, not the best idea but somehow it work.


Even though I’ve traveled to more places and experienced more than I ever thought I would, I’m still trying to ignore the idea of going home soon… I feel like I still just got here and am getting used to Milan, maybe because we’re traveling so much? Either way, I’m ready to make the rest of my semester here count. But for now, I’m gonna be really cheesy and put up some things I’m actually missing from home now that I have little more than a month left in Milan:




And of course, I miss all my friends & family back home, and I’m sure once I leave I’ll be missing all the people I’ve met while here.