Michaela Christiaansen – The Passion to be Romans

The Roman culture is most definitely something unique and one that I have never experienced before.  There are a few things that I will remember about this culture, and the one that I will cherish most is there extreme passion.

I would go as far to say that Romans are passionate about almost everything.  Just from simple observation of them speaking to one another, the language itself radiates passion.  Romans intensity while speaking just makes me feel passion and depth in their conversation without even knowing what exactly they are saying.

Another passion that I have loved sharing and embracing about the culture is the passion for all food.  It makes me so happy to observe how zealous each bar, restaurant, pizzeria, gelateria, caffe owner is about their shop.  They all share the love for food and are wanting to share it with everyone that passes.  Obviously, they are trying to make money, but I know that they are also just straight passionate about what they own and how they want to share what they have to you.  Not only are the store owners the passionate ones, it seems to me that all Romans just truly enjoy the rich flavors of their foods.  I am amazed every single day at how fresh and delicious all of the food here is, and it seems that the Romans are just as content and embracing about the fact.

The romantic passion is strong here as well.  There seems to be no PDA (public display of affection) boundaries here whatsoever, which is quite different from America.  After getting over the initial shock of seeing people all over each other all the time, I have learned to embrace their passion for each other.  I mean, why not display your love and affection in such a romantic city as Rome?  I understand that they are passionate for one another and passionate for living in the moment.  Sometimes the passion of Roman men towards girls can be a little overwhelming and annoying, once again fairly opposite from the American culture because men at home are not nearly as open about it.  I have learned to accept that men here are just happy to display their passion for the beauty of the female body.  I’ve stopped turning and glaring at the men if they bother me now and just let it happen because I have accepted it as a passion of theirs.

The last passion, is the mere passion they have to be Romans.  Sometimes I feel that they think they are above me for this sole reason.  I have learned to accept this and realize it is just how they are born and raised, to believe that they are the best, no matter what.  I respect their passion they have to be a part of this city.  Their passion is evident in all of their daily activities, they live to be passionate that they can represent themselves as a Roman.