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Jun 29 2:37pm

Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint Malo!!!

Post by Emily Macdonald

Everytime my program takes us on an excursion, the energy is electric. Everyone is so excited because we get to spend the day exploring a new place in France that we may otherwise never get to visit.

Jun 27 4:22pm

Daily Life in Dublin

Post by Maddie Maloy

I’m still shocked this week marks the start of the second half of my summer internship abroad! I know you’ve probably heard it before from other study abroaders, but it truly feels like the past four weeks flew by.

Jun 27 10:23am

Chicken nuggets and Top Gun: Maverick: Finding balance in missing home and being present

Post by Chiara Profenna

One of the most difficult parts of studying abroad is trying not to compare it to home. 

Jun 22 3:20pm

Rediscovered Bravery

Post by James Dolley

In this blog, I talk about my solo day-walk in Paris. I also talk about the importance of being resourceful in seemingly precarious situations.

Jun 20 9:57am

Views of Paris: Which one is Best?

Post by Sam Kornylak

I am about a month into my study abroad experience in Paris, so I have had ample free time to spend in and around Paris during weekends and after class.  I have gone to the Louvre, the Château de Versailles, the Rodin Museum, and many more important sites.  I h

Jun 18 5:00am

Why I sketch while traveling, and why you should too.

Hello, I am Thaliah an architectural engineering student on my first ever trip abroad to London, England. While here I’ve seen so many amazing things and places that I haven’t experienced before in America!