Family and Swiss Cheese is All I Need

Mary Zarba
April 6, 2020

Zurich was the last weekend trip of my study abroad experience. Although I had others planned, they were unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. However, I wouldn't have wanted to end my experience any other way. This trip was so special to me because it was spent with family. Up until that weekend, I had lived in Barcelona surrounded solely by people that I had met in the previous two months. So to have my cousins pick me up from the airport and welcome me into their home was so wonderful. 

My cousins Rosanna and Ronato live in a beautiful home on a hill overlooking Lake Zurich. Stairs from their home lead to a train that travels directly into the heart of the city. Immediately when I arrived, we hopped on this train and my tour of Zurich began! This first order of business was eating, of course. After snacking on the most amazing hot pretzel in the park, we filled ourselves with delicious Swiss chocolates from numerous different shops in town - the most famous being Springli's. The most outstanding thing I tasted that weekend was a sample of thick, dark, hot chocolate that Springli's was giving out for free. It was so good that I bought some to make for my host family in Spain. 

As we strolled around the city, I was overwhelmed by how every inch of the city was clean and beautiful. A boat tour on the lake highlighted these traits with amazing views of the Swiss Alps and immaculate water-front mansions. Even all the people around me seemed kind and in good spirits. Zurich was the closest thing to a utopia that I've ever seen. 

The following day consisted of hiking and lots of cheese. We hiked up to a restaurant in the mountains where I tasted a traditional mountain dish that was essentially macaroni and cheese and potatoes mixed together. On our way down, we bought some locally-made cheese that we ate for dinner and stopped into a famous church with beautiful artwork inside. We ended the day with a chocolate "coffin cake" from Springli's, the moment we had been waiting for all day. 

I had the best time in Zurich and I can't wait to go back. 

Rosanna and Ronato, if you're reading this, thanks again for an unforgettable trip!

Mary Zarba

<p>Hey there! My name is Mary Zarba, I am a junior in college, and I am studying abroad in Barcelona with IES Abroad in the Spring of 2020. I study environmental science at a school connected with Syracuse University called SUNY-ESF. Being from Long Island originally, I absolutely love adventuring outdoors especially if I'm near the ocean. I never forget to bring my camera on these adventures. I have a passion for capturing the moment through a lens and transforming ordinary photos and video clips into creative masterpieces.</p>

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