Volcanos, Earthquakes, and Hot Springs. Oh My!

Marley Crank
October 11, 2015
Welcome sign to Herquehue

Over Spring Break (Chilean Independence Day Week) a group of 5 of us went to a great little town in the South of Chile called Pucón. Just like all of the other places we've visited, it was incredible! This was definitely a adventure loving tourist destination. In the hostel we were staying in (The French Andes--10/10 would recommend) most of the other travelers were there to ski or snowboard down the close by mountains and volcanos. Yes, VOLCANOS! The volcano close to Pucón is also active so at night you can see the top of it glowing red. We went to some local hot springs, went on a beautiful 14km hike, meandered around the town and just enjoyed the ambiance of this cute little town. While we were there, the earthquake hit. We were far enough away form the epicenter that we didn't feel anything but we got calls from our chilean friends and their sentiments were all the same: "Don't be worried. This happens all the time. Nothing happens". With that we had experienced, in one way or another, our first chilean earthquake.

The following pictures are from our hike in national park Huerquehue. The hike took almost all day and ended at the snow covered location of 3 gorgeous lakes. If you find yourself in Pucón, this is a must-do activity.

Marley Crank

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