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While we work on some upgrades to our website, login will be unavailable for about a full day this Friday night through Saturday, September 30th. You will still be able to peruse the IES Abroad website, but will not be able to access your MyIESabroad account during that window. You should be able to get back into your account by Sunday, October 1st. 

A Little More British Vocab

Here’s a tad more British vocab.

Trousers – pants, jeans, you know.

Pants – sometimes refers to what Americans think of as pants, but quite often refers to one’s undies, skivvies, panties

Jab – shot

Theatre – operating room

Lollies – suckers

Full Stop – the dot at the end of the sentence

Boot – trunk of a car

Bonnet – hood of a car

Motorway – freeway/expressway

Pram or Buggy – different types of strollers

Starters – appetizers

Mobile – or MO-bi-el, a cell phone

Flat – apartment

Jam – jelly

Jelly – jello (Yes, these two are cause for mass confusion, I agree.)

Film – movie

Lift – elevator

High Street- main street

Telly – TV

Anti-clockwise – counter-clockwise

Extra bits and bobs: Favorite British descriptive words: Lovely, brilliant, nice, and quite (which really means something more like extremely and completely). Oh, and also proper and smart – often used together. The other day, my flatmate was on the Tube. Sitting across from her was a little boy, about 7 or 8. His mother was styling his hair, and when she was done, he asked his mom (or should I say mum) how he looked. She had him stand up on the seat to see his reflection in the window. His response: “Well, I look PROPER SMART!”