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A Little More British Vocab

Here’s a tad more British vocab.

Trousers – pants, jeans, you know.

Pants – sometimes refers to what Americans think of as pants, but quite often refers to one’s undies, skivvies, panties

Jab – shot

Theatre – operating room

Lollies – suckers

Full Stop – the dot at the end of the sentence

Boot – trunk of a car

Bonnet – hood of a car

Motorway – freeway/expressway

Pram or Buggy – different types of strollers

Starters – appetizers

Mobile – or MO-bi-el, a cell phone

Flat – apartment

Jam – jelly

Jelly – jello (Yes, these two are cause for mass confusion, I agree.)

Film – movie

Lift – elevator

High Street- main street

Telly – TV

Anti-clockwise – counter-clockwise

Extra bits and bobs: Favorite British descriptive words: Lovely, brilliant, nice, and quite (which really means something more like extremely and completely). Oh, and also proper and smart – often used together. The other day, my flatmate was on the Tube. Sitting across from her was a little boy, about 7 or 8. His mother was styling his hair, and when she was done, he asked his mom (or should I say mum) how he looked. She had him stand up on the seat to see his reflection in the window. His response: “Well, I look PROPER SMART!”