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Lily Nannini
April 28, 2024

I try to limit eating out to when I’m traveling, but who am I kidding I’ve bought coffee every day since being here. 


Artificer Coffee Bar

  • Location: Surry Hills
  • Order: flat white
  • Review: would return, smoothest flat white i’ve had in sydney
  • Notes: located on a corner, small shop mainly for takeaway 



  • Location: fitness center on campus
  • Order: mocha
  • Review: consistently get mochas from here, staff is also so friendly, nice place to sit and do work
  • Notes: punch card


The Grounds Cafe

  • Location: grounds of Alexandria
  • Order: corn + zucchini fritters, flat white
  • Review: good food, outdoor seating is really nice
  • Notes: cool place to walk around, would return


Paddock on Crown

  • Location: Surry Hills
  • Order: signature pancake, flat white
  • Review: would return, nice environment, friendly service, good coffee + food
  • Notes: they take reservations, sat outside 


Plume Cafe

  • Location: near business school/food court
  • Order: matcha
  • Review: good matcha
  • Notes: friendly staff, nice area + seating, have a rewards app


XS Coffee

  • Location: near Sir John Clancy Auditorium, upper campus
  • Order: nutella latte, pistachio latte, cookies + cream latte
  • Review: pricey but generally good
  • Notes: nutella latte is my fav


UNSW Village Cafe

  • Location: UNSW Village
  • Order: dirty chai, flat white, iced mocha, matcha, blueberry bagel w cc, veggie wrap, muffin
  • Review: i go here every single day
  • Notes: dirty chai is consistently good, matcha is good too, flat white is ok, food is pretty good

22 Grams

  • Location: near l2 terminal stop in Randwick
  • Order: flat white
  • Review: would return, good flat white + friendly service
  • Notes: not really a sit down place, good for grabbing a coffee on the go 


Sweet Spot Patisserie 

  • Location: near l2 stop in Randwick
  • Order: cappuccino + chocolate cake slice
  • Review: would return, lots of seating, really good coffee + cake
  • Notes: overwhelmingly large selection of desserts, reasonably priced

Maze Coffee

  • Location: near UNSW Village
  • Order: flat white, matcha
  • Review: would return, good coffee
  • Notes: convenient location, cute shop, efficient service, have food too but haven’t tried 


  • Location: near qvb l-rail stop
  • Order: mocha 
  • Review: would return but probably won’t, good coffee
  • Notes: friendly service, cute urban interior, lots of seating + upper level, location kind of inconvenient 


Edition Roasters

  • Location: near town hall l-rail stop 
  • Order: matcha, chocolate chip cookie
  • Review: would not return, good matcha, menu items looked good but pricey
  • Notes: nice place + good food/coffee but too expensive + far away


San Antonio Sourdough Bakery + Cafe

  • Location: Coogee Bay road
  • Order: polenta, waffles, flat white
  • Review: would not return, good coffee + food, nice place but can’t afford to eat out on the daily
  • Notes: would recommend, but also interested in trying other options in the area


Coffee on Campus - Ainsworth 

  • Location: Ainsworth Building
  • Order: mocha + chicken sandwich
  • Review: coffee and food is mid, would still go here to study though
  • Notes: nice place to sit, only allowed to have food/drinks from their cafe, clean, outlets, cute dog


Single O 

  • Location: Surry Hills
  • Order: eggs w/ sourdough + avo, flat white
  • Review: would not return, good coffee, good breakfast but not worth the price
  • Notes: nice sit down area, friendly service, good food + coffee, too expensive 


Reuben Hills

  • Location: near central l-rail stop
  • Order: iced coffee
  • Review: would not return, coffee was fine but not at all worth the price
  • Notes: cool place, tables to sit down, friendly service, most expensive coffee i’ve had so far



  • Location: UNSW Campus
  • Order: avo bagel, pork bowl, matcha, flat white, iced chai, banana bread, brownie
  • Review: will return for the convenience + environment
  • Notes:  convenient, cute place, friendly staff, definitely prefer the pastries over menu items, drinks aren’t spectacular but work for the convenience, outlets inside, indoor + outdoor seating, stamp card


Speedo Cafe

  • Location: Bondi Beach
  • Order: acai bowl, flat white
  • Review: would not return, sour coffee + acai was mid
  • Notes: busy place 


Dymocks Cafe

  • Location: near qvb -rail stop
  • Order: smoked salmon croissant w avo, mocha
  • Review: would not return, good food + coffee but slow service 
  • Notes: did homework here for a little while, too far away to go here often, above a bookstore, cute place


UNSW Coffee On Campus

  • Location: near UNSW Library
  • Order: iced caramel macchiato, iced mocha, iced andiamo 
  • Price: average
  • Review: would not go back, literally had to throw out the iced andiamo it had a horrible taste + aftertaste (i hardly ever throw out coffee)
  • Notes: convenient location during the summer term, but haven’t been back since, staff is friendly



Morning Glory Cafe 

  • Location: Coogee
  • Order: acai bowl + flat white
  • Review: would return, best acai i’ve had so far + good coffee
  • Notes: beautiful location, large menu, a bit pricey


Byron Bay General Store

  • Location: Byron Bay
  • Order: acai bowl + flat white
  • Review: the best acai i’ve ever had in my life
  • Notes: great location, good vibe & friendly staff, massive portion in a coconut bowl, fruit + granola were perfect. the coffee was beautiful and smooth too. 

*not in Sydney but I would literally fly out of Sydney just to go back and get this açaí


  • Location: multiple
  • Order: acai w/ banana, strawberry, granola, cacao, chia seeds, coconut chia pudding, coconut flakes
  • Review: good acai
  • Notes: i really like how they layer the toppings throughout the portion


  • Location: Coogee
  • Order: acai bowl
  • Review: service wasn’t super friendly, acai wasn’t spectacular (more icy than smooth in consistency), strawberries were sour + banana was meh. granola was good. portion wasn’t worth the price + only 4 toppings included
  • Notes: a friend recommended this place to me & maybe i just had a bad experience but i probably wouldn’t go back. 





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