Gourmand or Gourmet?

Laura Schneider
November 18, 2015

I know that once I leave in a month, French food will be the first thing I'll be pining for. Besides the almost too-accessible croissants and pains au chocolat (and Haribo) I’ve devoured, I've been incredibly lucky to be living somewhere that is known for its seafood, and my host family takes advantage of that almost every week, at least once: oysters, mussels, scallops…I also can’t get over how much better the food tastes – I eat food I wouldn't normally eat or even like, but here, almost everything tastes a little different because we're more focused on organic food (bio) and cultivating our own gardens.


We tried three of these wines - and this is also where I learned that I enjoy red wine quite a bit more than white wine.


Prosecco: hands down the best alcoholic drink I've had 


My go-to alcoholic drink - cider!

Cidre Royal Guillevic: a very affordable cider I tried and also bought



My favorite of the day: Cantal Entre Deux

Pur Brebis


Tomme de Brebis

Tête de Moine (from Switzerland) - rotating cutter shapes it into a flower

Charcuterie: the charcuterie here - namely jambon - was some of the best I've had since living in Nantes      




We weren't able to try any snails - which I absolutely adore - but there were some live ones just chilling out at the front of the stall

Desserts: The server at the the chocolate stand found out we were American and very generously gave us a raspberry dark chocolate dome as well 

Kouign Amann (one of my favorite pastries): caremelized goodness

Le Tas de Sel: salted caramel and dark chocolate enrobed in milk chocolate 

Blocks and blocks of nougat  

All the dried fruit you could think of          

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