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Oct 14 1:40pm

Falling In Love With Amsterdam

Deciding whether to spend a whole semester in a new country, continent or city can be nerve-wracking, but when it comes to Amsterdam, I can say without hesitation that the reasons to go definitely outnumber the reasons not to go. I fell in love with Amsterdam and coming here has been the best decision of my life, and I think more students should live this experience.

Oct 14 9:52am

One Month and Culture Shocks

My post talks about some of my personal experiences with culture shock so far in London. I wanted to remind people that it is normal to experience new things and to not panic because eventually, it will become natural.

Oct 13 3:43pm

Bites in Britain

I won’t lie, before moving to London, I did not know what to expect as far as food goes. Many people told me that the food in England was not great, and was pretty bland. I had dabbled in some fish and chips, but as far as traditional British food, that was pretty much it.

Oct 13 8:57am

Managing ~stress~ while studying abroad

Post by Melanie Garza

Hola a todos! It’s been over a month now in Madrid so now that everyone is getting settled into the lifestyle it seems like the honeymoon period is ending for some, and more and more people are finding themselves overwhelmed with work, homesickness, or feeling down in general.

Oct 13 4:48am

A day in my life in Granada!

Post by Lucy Mayer

Before I decided to go abroad and I was doing my research, I was super interested in the day to day life of a student in Granada. Also, the number one thing that my friends from home keep asking me about is my daily life.

Oct 13 3:22am

Food as an Expression of Culture

Post by Sanny Yang

Food can tell you so much about a culture. Read to see how trying new foods can help you immerse yourself into the culture while also learning about yourself!