Raz, Kai & Zel take Rio!

Kiah Zellner-Smith
April 29, 2013

As we blew past the halfway mark of our semester here in Brazil, and as our host mom continually told us to get out and about in the city we figured it was finally time to see what else Rio had to offer besides beautiful beaches, gorgeous people and a never-ending nightlife. The rest of the students on our program were in Sao Paulo for 5 days so it was just me and my roommates on our weekend exploration.

We went to art galleries (favella artwork by Sergio Cezar), cultural exhibits (such as Caixa Cultural), museums (Oi Futuro), spent daytime and nighttime in a lively neighborhood called Lapa (which we adore), and celebrated Raza’s belated birthday with our host mother. This was a really good weekend for us and we always enjoy our time together, no matter how off-schedule or off the beaten path we get. From now on I think we’ll continue to take advantage of the many events that are constantly available in Rio and gain a deeper understanding of the city besides what’s shown on postcards.

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Kiah Zellner-Smith

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