Last Few Days in America

Kelli Hallmark
May 24, 2015

An Irish Poem for the Italian City

There was a student from Texas
Who drove herself up to Dallas
After a long flight
The first ray of light
Brightened the city of Romulus

What I love about flying to Europe is how it feels like teleportation.  Generally, you leave the US in the morning, and arrive in Europe on the morning of the next day.  In a haze of exhaustion and jet lag, it feels like the travel was just a dream and you woke in a different continent, as if by magic.  That trip is coming up in a few days and I'm simultaneously over and underprepared.

I'm almost done packing, now, and beginning to wonder what little things I've missed that I will totally forget about.  It's always something.  Usually a hairbrush.  But as long as I have the irreplaceable items with me, I know everything will fall into place.

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Kelli Hallmark

<p>My name is Kelli Hallmark and I&#39;m a Trinity University student studying abroad in Rome for the summer. I first came to Italy when I was in junior high and fell deeply, madly, in love with the warmth and joy of Italian culture. I am currently double majoring in Religion and Art History, with aspirations to go into museum programming. In my free time I like to read everything in sight, write poetry and fiction, and make my own cosmetics.</p>

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