Coming for to Carry Me Home

Kelli Hallmark
July 5, 2015

I have always learned best when I am thrown into a situation and forced to figure out the solution; this is especially true of my navigational abilities.  No amount of showing me maps and giving me directions can match the sudden flash of realization when I understand where I am and how to get home.  I will (generally) remember that route forever.

However, nothing fully prepared me for Rome.  I have been here before but it is as if I remembered an entirely different city.  I recalled a city of broad avenues presided over by the monuments of dead emperors.  While I remembered the narrow streets of Venice and Florence, the twisting medieval streets of central Rome disappeared from my memory.  

Yet every day I seem to make it home, no matter how far I stray.  Some days, I simply walk south and trust that it will take me home.  Other days, I find a new bus that carries me up the great hill to the apartment.  And on the less fortunate days, I drag myself up the stone stairs through the forest.  But every day I find that all roads lead to home.

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Kelli Hallmark

<p>My name is Kelli Hallmark and I&#39;m a Trinity University student studying abroad in Rome for the summer. I first came to Italy when I was in junior high and fell deeply, madly, in love with the warmth and joy of Italian culture. I am currently double majoring in Religion and Art History, with aspirations to go into museum programming. In my free time I like to read everything in sight, write poetry and fiction, and make my own cosmetics.</p>

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