Off to Rome, Italy!

Kayla Turgeon
May 22, 2017

Ciao! Here it is, the day before I leave for Rome, Italy and I am feeling everything but excited. Yes, I'm extremely happy that I'll be going out of the country for the first time and immersing myself into a new culture but...I am scared. I’ll miss my family, my friends, and my mini yorkie (Drake). However, I am fully prepared for my two-month journey in Rome, Italy, I’m actually over prepared. I have packed a total of three suitcases full of clothes, shoes, and everything else that I probably won’t need (“Pack light” they said, but I clearly don’t know what that is). I will be traveling from RDU on a 12-hour flight so please share some of your favorite things to do while on a long flight!

One of my biggest fears is saying the wrong thing in Italian! At UNC-Chapel Hill or The University of National Champions, I have taken up to Spanish 3, which means that I have no experience in the Italian language. I have begun downloading apps that should help me translate my English to Italian, as well as taken advantage of the Rosetta Stone account that my program has given me access too. One of the apps that I have found extremely helpful so far is called “Italian English Dictionary.” This app shows you common phrases whether it be for greetings, directions, eating out, conversation, and much more!

Besides the fact that I’m scared and over packed, I am looking forward to my internship experience. I will be working with a non-profit organization called ‘c.r.e.t.a. rome,’ from Monday to Thursday every week while also taking a seminar class. Creta Rome spells out their main activities: ceramics, residencies, exhibitions, teaching and the arts. They offer an international self-funded residency program. Through this organization, I will be working in marketing in order to increase their visibility among American university programs here in Rome and in the States and internationally through social media and promotion campaigns. This will be my first internship, ever!

Overall, the goals I hope to accomplish while studying abroad and interning revolve around immersing myself into a new culture, trying new foods (I have a list of restaurants that I want to try already!), visit some of Rome’s ancient runs such as the Forum and Colosseum, and working hard to gain experience in marketing and public relations.

I can’t wait to share more about my journey along the way!


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Kayla Turgeon

<p>Kayla is rising senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, or the University of National Champions, majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience with a minor in Public Relations. When she is not in class, she loves soul cycling and trying new foods. She is excited to document her adventures and hopes to share this blog on the internship experience of a lifetime.</p>

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