Barcelona's Best

Kate Mclean
May 31, 2017

"So, how was your trip to Barcelona...?"

It seems everyone is asking me the same question these days and when they do, I have a hard time narrowing down my favorite memories and even struggle trying to sum up my "trip" in a few sentences. I struggle because my semester abroad wasn't just a trip, it was an unforgettable and incredible adventure that will forever leave a lasting impression on my life. Barcelona will always be the place where I became brave enough to try foods outside of my comfort zone, shopped too many times at Zara, laughed until I cried with my amazing roommate, sat behind the goal at FC Barca's win over Atleticó Madrid, watched a movie at the theaters entirely in Spanish (with no subtitles and actually knew enough of what was going on), where travelling to a new exciting city every weekend became normal, and so many other amazing things. To me, Barcelona means so much and the best way to sum it up is in a collection of photos I call "Barcelona's Best". 

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