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A Week in the Life

Kassidy Witt square headshot
Kassidy Witt
December 17, 2022
A Week in the Life

Each day in Berlin brought a new opportunity to explore. I could live there for years and never get to see or do everything, but I attempted to do as much as I could in my three short months here. Quickly after arriving, I stopped feeling like a tourist. After a few weeks, I got into a routine that made me feel like a local. I structured my schedule to have a three day academic week and a four day weekend, so I gave myself plenty of time to experience the city. I found that having a routine made my study abroad experience more impactful. A typical Monday morning was spent studying in a cafe and then reading in one of Berlin’s many parks. Occasionally, I would visit Kino International where a queer movie was shown weekly for “Mongay." On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I had two morning classes and a large block of time before my evening class. I used this time to either study or walk around the city. I had only one class on Wednesdays, so I could spend my mornings at Museum Island. My weekends were filled with a number of activities: swing dancing, clubbing, bar hopping, or visiting new restaurants. Because of my four day weekend, I also had a lot of freedom to travel. This semester, I visited Innsbruck, Dublin, London, Copenhagen, Nuremberg, Baden-Baden, and Paris. From food to dancing, I tried so many different things because Berlin and Europe had so much to offer. Below are some pictures to give a better look into a typical week in the life living in Berlin.

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Kassidy Witt square headshot

Kassidy Witt

Hallo! My name is Kassidy Witt, and I am a senior political science major at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I moved around the United States a lot growing up, yet my travel bug is still not content. I love adventure and I am a huge history nerd, so I am beyond excited to study in Berlin this fall!

2022 Fall
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Trinity University
Gainesville, FL
Political Science
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