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Kassidy Witt
November 5, 2022
Two students smile in front of Big Ben.

Studying in Europe has made me even more restless to travel. There are so many countries so close by that you can just jump on a train or a super cheap flight and see the world. In Texas, I could drive for 8 hours and still be in Texas. In Europe, I could be in four different countries within a week. And I did just that. 

Just after midterms, we had a week long fall break. At my home school, we have a 3-day weekend fall break, so I was thrilled for the opportunity for actual rest halfway through the semester. From Berlin, I went to Dublin, then London, then Copenhagen, all in 10 days. Travel in Europe is so inexpensive and I was able to find very cheap hostels in each city I visited, so I knew I had to get out and see and do as much as I could. At the beginning of the semester, I planned my trip with Leila, a friend I met through my IES Abroad program. We realized we barely knew each other while on our flight to Dublin when I awkwardly asked, “So… do you have any siblings?” But, by the end of the week, we had bonded over our dinky little hostels and interactions with locals. It amazes me how quickly bonds are formed while abroad and how travel can truly bring people together. Fall break was incredible and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to see so much and make new friends. I welcome you all to see Dublin, London, and Copenhagen through my eyes in this mini fall break photobook.

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Kassidy Witt

Hallo! My name is Kassidy Witt, and I am a senior political science major at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I moved around the United States a lot growing up, yet my travel bug is still not content. I love adventure and I am a huge history nerd, so I am beyond excited to study in Berlin this fall!

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