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Feb 19 11:39am

Busy Weekends in Europe: Part 1

by Joseph

The past few weeks I’ve experienced the frustrating conflict between exploring many different places that I’d like to write about but being unable to write about them because I’m too busy exploring them.

Feb 17 11:09am

How a new place can feel like home

by Sarah

I have now been in Berlin for two weeks. My orientations have ended, and I am in the middle of my German intensive courses. The reality of living in Berlin is starting to set in.

Feb 17 3:48am

The Responsibility of Studying Abroad

by Mary Kaitlin

As human beings, there are a number of responsibilities to which we must attend. As family members, we have a responsibility to our parents and siblings. As students, we have a responsibility to our education and those who make it possible. As friends, we have a responsibility to those we care about and those who care about us. As study abroad students and tourists, we have a responsibility to the place we are temporarily calling home.

Feb 16 2:43pm

Keeping the Faith While Abroad

by Morgan

The reason I’m in Ireland right now is because God called me here.

Feb 15 10:20am

How To Have The Best Day Ever In Japan in 3 Steps

by Audrey

I didn’t mean to have the best day ever; it manifested at the moment I think I needed it the most, and I hope the memories I've created will be able to stay with me for years to come.

Feb 15 6:36am

Coping with Devestating News Abroad

by Shane

As I walked off the plane a few weeks ago from a weekend trip in Vienna, Austria and respond to the frantic texts and calls from my mother, I am anticipating her normal frustration in me not calling her while traveling.