Food Festivals of Rome

Josh Marrs
May 17, 2016

Rome is home to many different and amazing festivals and holidays. Between being in a country known for its food and desserts and being the capital of the Catholic church, there is much to be celebrated here. Festival wise, the two that I was able to attend were the Tiramisu Festival and the Gelato Festival. However, there are numerous other festivals that are amazing to attend and where you can get a generous amount of food for pretty cheap, including a food truck festival for Rome’s birthday.

Going to the gelato and tiramisu festivals were a couple of the best decisions I’ve made while abroad. The tiramisu festival costs between 10 and fifteen euros (can’t quite remember the exact amount) and you are able to try tiramisu from three (or more if your friends couldn’t finish theirs) different tiramisu makers. You could then vote for your favorite tiramisu maker to win the festival competition. Every tiramisu that I had was absolutely incredible but I would have to say that Pompi had my favorite tiramisu.

The gelato festival was arguably even better than the tiramisu festival. If there has been one thing I’ve learned in Rome, it’s how to eat and fully enjoy gelato. Back in the states, I didn’t have ice cream very often; however, in Italy I usually have gelato multiple times a week. Some may say that this is a bad habit that I’ve developed, but to that I just say “when in Rome.” Regardless of your ice cream eating habits, going to the gelato festival is a must. You not only get to try a scoop of 14 different gelato flavors, but you also get it for only 9 euro. Even in the cheapest gelaterias in Rome, this is an incredible deal. They also have some amazing gelato flavors. My favorite flavors were biscotti and nocciole (which is similar to Nutella but not quite as rich). The gelato festival was also located in Villa Borghese, which is one of the most beautiful areas in Rome. On a side note, if you have the privilege to go to the gelato festival, I would recommend splitting a ticket with someone else, as 14 scoops of gelato can be difficult for even the most experienced gelato eaters.

As a general tip for traveling, I think you should always look at what festivals may be going on in whatever city you want to visit, whether it be in Europe or in the United States. Festivals are a great way to see a part of the local culture that you wouldn’t normally be able to see. They’re also often a fairly cheap way to have a great time. And, if you’re lucky enough to study in Rome, then you absolutely need to go to the tiramisu and gelato festivals.

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