Travel Far Enough, To Find Yourself

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Johnna Hayward
March 28, 2019

"Travel Far Enough, To Find Yourself"

~David Mitchell

Traveling provides you with countless opportunities and adventures. Undoubtedly, we travel to see the world, try new food, meet new people, and so much more. But a significant part of your journey will provide the unique chance to learn more about yourself. Self-discovery is unavoidably a huge aspect of international travel.

1. Clarity

Personally, clarity was a huge motivating factor for me when deciding to live internationally for three months. I was looking for a change of scenery where I could simply clear my head. I’m thrilled to share that this is exactly what I found. My time abroad has led me to new people who have new experiences and opinions.

Living in another country has helped me realize that people in different parts of the world truly have varying mindsets and outlooks on life. The “right” option for one person might be completely wrong for another.

Life is not a square box. Experiencing new cultures and speaking to countless people has helped to provide the clarity and different outlook on life that I was searching for.

2. Confidence

Before going abroad I saw myself as a highly confident and independent individual. I very rarely found myself faced with a situation that I didn’t think I could handle.

But, going abroad consistently pushes and challenges you in unexpected ways. If you’re surrounded by a new language it can be difficult at first to communicate with those around you. Or if there’s a city that you have your heart set on visiting but don’t know of anyone else who’s interested in tagging along, you might decide to travel alone.

I’ve learned throughout the last few months that we all possess confidence in our own unique ways. Being comfortable speaking in front of an audience does not equate to having the confidence to travel to a new city alone.

Once abroad you will quickly learn that this experience is going to push and challenge you in the best possible ways.

3. Growth

You will eventually discover that both clarity and confidence contribute to your overall growth.

Growth is arguably something that we all expect. But often, the unexpected aspect is the amount in which we grow during our time abroad. Internal growth and understanding is one of the best outcomes from international travel.

Within a few short months you’ll have an adjusted outlook on life. It won’t be entirely new. And you won’t return home a completely different person.

Your world of possibilities will simply appear a little bit bigger than when you first left home. You might even find yourself open to new or different opportunities.


Clarity, confidence, growth. Three areas of your life where an international experience will have a lasting impact.


Until next time!


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Johnna Hawyard headshot

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