What I miss about New Zealand

Jessica Robyns
January 3, 2018

By the time I left New Zealand, I felt ready to go home. I’d been out of the country for 5 months- more time away from the U.S. than all my previous international trips combined. I was excited to return home and be in a familiar setting. But it was sad to leave behind my new friends in Auckland. Now that I’m gone, I miss the little things about New Zealand.


I miss the rain.


I miss the flowers.


I miss seeing the Skytower lit up at night.


I miss the view from the top of a volcano.


I miss the windy roads.


I miss my flatmates.


I miss my friends.


I miss walking by the museum.


I miss the food.


I miss the strange candy.


I miss the funny light switches.


I miss the wildlife.


I miss the adventures.


I miss the silver tree ferns.


I miss the ocean.


I still have dreams that I'm back in Auckland. In those dreams, I'm relieved to be back, and comfortable in my surroundings. I think, "Oh thank god I'm back, I was getting tired of the U.S."

It's a strange way of missing a place that I've never felt before. I think part of me is still there. And part of me wouldn't be surprised if I woke up in my bed in Auckland tomorrow. 

Jessica Robyns

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