Milan, I'm ready for you!

Jenny Qian
January 10, 2020

Hello! My name is Jenny Qian and this is my pre-departure video for Milan! 

I will be studying in the Business Program in Milan and could not be more excited. Throughout my video, I said that I am very excited so many times but it is because I am! When I was in high school, I studied abroad in Korea but studying abroad in Europe will be completely different. I have always had interest in the Italian culture ever since I visited Italy a few years back but was only able to stay in Milan for one day. I look forward to seeing all the great things Milan is famous for and to adapt to the life style of the locals. I'm also so excited to take courses where I will learn more about how Italian businesses operate and to learn Italian! I have no prior knowledge in Italian or any romance language, but my goal is to be able to read a complete Italian menu by the time I finish my time abroad. I am a HUGE foodie which is why I will also be sure to explore various Itaian cuisines besides just pasta and pizza. I'm filled with a lot of nerves but also so much excitement. See you soon Milan! 

Jenny Qian

<p>Hello! My name is Jenny Qian and I currently attend The George Washington University. Originally from San Francisco, CA, I have always had a passion in learning more about different cultures and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am currently studying abroad in Milan under the Business Studies program. I hope you can all follow my journey and experience abroad through my videos!</p>

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