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Sep 18 6:06pm

A Journey of One Thousand Miles

by Melissa

It’s no mystery that technology is advancing amazingly fast, but what I never realized before is how drastically the meaning of travel is changing with it.

Sep 18 4:49pm

How Was Your Wednesday?

by Lexi

hint: mine was better than yours

Sep 16 11:35pm

Memories of Rarotonga

by Isabelle

As the mid-semester break arrived, I had the opportunity to travel outside of New Zealand for a few weeks.

Sep 15 3:44pm

Traveling During My First Two Weeks Abroad

by Matthew

Today marks two weeks of being in Milan and I am already overwhelmed by the beauty I have been able to experience. Luckily I am rooming with 5 guys who want to travel as much as I do and we all happen to get along very well. So we are taking advantage of our free weekends as much as possible!

Sep 15 3:26pm

German, Hungarian, or English: Music is a Common Language

by Elena

Every day that I am immersed in the German language is a little different.

Sep 14 11:32am

Pastel Gloom: Trip to Innsbruck

by Brittney

On a weekend excursion to Innsbruck, I looked at beautiful buildings, went to the top of a mountain, and felt a lot of peace.