Fotos de Segovia y Madrid

Ian Zunt
October 4, 2018
Habiba with Felipe II

During the first weekend of our program we drove out to the city of Segovia just north of Madrid. Starting out at Alcázar de Segovia, an ancient castle on the top of the hillside, we walked throughout the city, eventually reaching the Roman aquaduct, a massive structure built in the first century AD to deliver water to the city. During our meandering, we explored the architecture and design influences of the combination of different cultures that have occupied the space over thousands of years.

With a different energy, the later photos from this album are from our time exploring Madrid within the first couple of weeks. Unfortunately with film, the process of finishing a roll and development takes a bit of time, so these are perhaps less representative of my time here (ie. before our classes started up) but they capture specific moments from orientation and the beginnings of friendships that I appreciate looking back on.

Here is a compilation of photos I would love to share, a glimpse into my time here. I should have a couple more posts coming out soon from my trips to the coastal cities of Bilbao and San Sebastián, as well as Toulouse, France, and Barcelona!

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Ian Zunt

<p>My name is Ian Matthew Zunt, and I am from Seattle, Washington. I am currently studying Urban and Environmental Policy at Occidental College in Los Angeles, with minors in Art History and the Spanish language, and I am planning to join IES Abroad's Language and Area Studies program in Madrid this Fall semester. Coming from an arts high school in Seattle, I have realized a deep interest in all forms of art, from dancing and singing to acting and the visual arts. Through the solid presence of art in my life, I found a passion for photography, specifically with analog cameras and color film. Though I have somewhat moved away from art academically, I continue to create and to take photos for myself, taking part in local gallery shows and online sharing.</p>

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