The Homestretch

After deciding that I wasn’t ready to go home, I made a quick change of plans and extended my stay. I set out after the program ended and went to Berlin, Venice, The French Riviera, and ended in Barcelona for the New Year. Now, I am sitting back stateside wishing it never ended and I missed my flight home. It’s a bittersweet feeling coming back to the states after getting a taste of the sweet European lifestyle but everything has to come to an end. Below is a visual diary of my past two weeks. Enjoy

Berlin's space needle Yes, it was as cold as it looks. Still insanely beautiful though. Getting lost in this city was one of the better things I did while abroad. The canals of Venice are gorgeous. C'est le vie. Mt friend Sarah enjoying the endless view in the South of France. T-shirt weather in December. It doesn't get any better. The view from the top of Gaudi Park looking into Barcelona. Aerial View of Nice A beautiful display of fireworks across the Barcelona sky.