This past week has been a mess of anxiety, potato pancakes, and snow. Lots of snow. Did I mention snow? When I decided to go abroad in the Fall semester, I was most giddy about leaving the November grey snow of Saratoga Springs, New York for a magical land in ‘southern’ Germany where the weather is nice and the sun always shines. Well, that’s partially true—Freiburg is the sunniest city in all of Germany, but man is it snowy AND it’s ten degrees colder here than upstate New York. Thanks a lot climate change.

here i am with my glühwein before class (JOKES!)

Among the snow, however, lies a beautiful Christmas market in the heart of the city. Germany is known for many things—like blonds and brots—and in December, das Weihnachtsmarkt.

It is a literal carnival. With car rides and a Ferris Wheel and a glühwein, it is both a little kid and an adult’s dream. In Madrid and Barcelona we went to a few markets, but none as great as the one in Freiburg. There is a stand dedicated to wood related kitchen tools! There are multiple stands to buy candle holders! I can buy a plate of sauerkraut! So friends and family, act surprised when you receive a wooden candle holder for New Years and I still smell like oil and kraut. It’s a ‘German’ thing.

For the past week, my friends and I have gone to the Weihnachtsmarkt practically every day. Whether we’re just grabbing a casual mug of glühwein or walking through the tens of stands, everyday is a holiday. In fact, my Christmas present arrived early this year: my best friend from school has been staying with my for the past week. Showing her my new home has only made my love for Freiburg and this semester grow deeper. But as each day passes, I am slowly reminded that my time in Freiburg is limited. Tomorrow marks the start of model EU and the following week is finals and my departure home to the city that never sleeps. But no matter where I am in Freiburg (or back in New York) each day is a Weihnachtsmarkt.