Excited about city walk and public transportation? Come to Wien!

Heidi He
June 9, 2022

If you like city walking and talking cheap, fast and convenient trams, buses and subways to go all around an ancient city, then Wien is definitely the right place to come!

Among the cities I have ever been to and lived in, it is one of the ones with the best public transportation system.

One best thing about it is that it has so many lines, stops and trains, and they are always on time and the stations are accurately pin pointed on the Google Map!

The other thing I personally like is that they don't check the ticket everytime you get on a vehicle. You will get a two month ticket, so with that ticket, you are free to take all of them within the Wien district during the two time window!

However, one thing to keep in mind is that, they do check your ticket once a while. If you are caught in a veichle without a ticket... then there goes your 100 euros!


Walking in Wien is an enjoyment for me. All the museums, parks, trails... you can also walk along the Dunabe river!

It has super walking friendly city designs.






One thing that I took a while to figure out—the button for green lights when you want to go across the street...

is actually underneath the box... :)





The trams are the next favorite way of transportation in Wien because you get to see the city through the big windows. Also, aren't the trams just so pretty?? Check out the pictures...


Bus and subway

Bus and subway are two other way to explore the city, and they are all clean, safe, and on-time. For me, I go to work by first taking the tram, then the subway, and the bus at last, if I don't want to walk to the subway station and from the station to work at all. The transition time is often only 1-3 minutes.


If you enjoy riding bicycles in the park like I do... you will see beautiful skies everyday! P.S.: the bikes are free for rental in the Student Hotel! Just ask the reception for instructions.


Travel to other cities/ countries

Do not miss out the chance to travel a bit in the EU! Check out the websites Flixbus and QBB (national railway) to find out ways to take a bus or train to adjacent countries in the EU. It only takes 10-50 euros depends on how far away your arrival city is.







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